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Kenya, 30-01-2009

Debate About Female Genital Cutting as HIV Prevention Method

Researchers and local people argue about female genital cutting as HIV prevention method

Some proponents of female genital cutting in Kisii, Kenya, are claiming that the practice will reduce a woman's risk of contracting HIV. These proponents say FGC prevents HIV because women will have reduced sexual desire after it is performed, resulting in fewer sexual partners and a decreased risk for contracting the virus. Researchers have challenged the notion that there is a difference sexual desire among women who have undergone FGC with those who have not. After FGC was outlawed for girls younger than age 18, local residents say that proponents of the procedure have become "even more aggressive in their efforts to keep [FGC] alive." Despite being against Ministry of Health policy, FGC still is widespread in Kisii, with 97% of girls undergoing the procedure,

most commonly when they are teenagers. Efforts against FGC pointed out the increased HIV risk with traditional methods such as a single cutting device used on multiple women. The practice also poses a risk of hemorrhaging -- during the procedure or  childbirth, as well as from vaginal tearing during sexual intercourse -- that could lead to a need for blood transfusions in regions where a safe blood supply is not guaranteed. 

Source: Kaiser Network Daily Reports

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