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Sex Workers Learn HIV Prevention Methods

Sex workers will be empowered with information about condom use and sex workers' rights

Journalists living with HIV/AIDS in Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda have established a network -- called Journalists Living with HIV/AIDS -- in an effort to increase media coverage of and engagement with HIV/AIDS issues. The network also hopes to work on regional HIV/AIDS initiatives to promote a fully engaged media. During a week-long workshop, journalists living with the disease shared their experiences and made a commitment to "put journalistic living with HIV/AIDS at the center of the fight" to curb the spread of the disease. They also made sensitivity toward issues such as HIV prevention, support and treatment a priority of the network, and pledged to encourage the media to produce more coverage of the disease. The network is timely and gives a very strong foundation for advocacy. Media is the single most powerful tool because it influences attitudes, behavior, opinion and decision. Positive journalists should be involved in planning and implementation of programs if we are to win the battle. 

Source: Kaiser Network Daily Reports
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