7 Step


Participant creates MAUTAU Account and schedules Counselling session
Participant need not enter real name for registration, but all other fields are required for statistical purposes.
(Creating a MAUTAU account entails similar procedures as creating accounts at Hotmail or Yahoo).


Participant attends Counselling session, approves “Informed Consent” and prints Test Form
Counselling takes place in the form of a Secure Chatting with a MAUTAU Counselor.
The Counselor will provide Participant with information on HIV/AIDS, especially risks of transmission he/she is faced with so as to enable him/her to assess own behavior, make sure that Participant understands the meaning of test results, and ensure that he/she is ready to learn his/her test result. 
If, at this stage, there is an indication of extreme despair, Participant will be strongly advised to come to KAPETA Foundation or other VCT venues for a face-to-face counseling with a Counselor.
Participant will only be able to print Test Form after going through a Counselling session and approving Informed Consent


Participant hands over Test Form to Laboratory and blood is drawn for testing
The form only contains Participant’s Username, the codified HIV test selected (ELFA or Rapid Test) and other selected tests.


Laboratory sends results of HIV and other tests directly to MAUTAU via the internet 
Each Laboratory has its own identification number.
Participant will not be able to find out his/her HIV and other test results before going through a Follow-up Counselling.


MAUTAU will send automatic notification to Participant’s email after receiving test results from Laboratory.
The message informs Participant that MAUTAU has received his/her test results and reminds him/her to schedule a Follow-up Counselling session as soon as possible, so he/she can receive his/her test results.


Participant goes through Follow-up Counselling session
The Follow-up Counselling is in the form of a Secure Chatting with a MAUTAU Counselor. 


Participant receives results of HIV and other tests
Participant receives his/her HIV and other test results from MAUTAU Counselor after going through a Follow-up Counselling when he/she is deemed ready to receive such results.
The Counselor will make sure that Participants with negative HIV test results understand the preventive measures that need to be taken in order to avoid contracting the virus in the future. 
The Counselor will also make sure that those with positive HIV test results understand the necessity to avoid transmitting the virus to other people and the role of antiretroviral therapy in minimizing viral load to an undetectable level. The Counselor will refer these Participants to CST clinics and peer support groups.
Specifically as regards participants with positive HIV test results, the Counselor will recommend a face-to-face counseling either at Kapeta Foundation or other venues offering VCT services.

 Free CD-4 test coupons will be offered to the first 100 participants with HIV positive test results.