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Welcome to Online VCT Program is designed to mitigate the impact of stigma attached to HIV/AIDS and to support the Government's program to curb the spread of the HIV epidemic in Indonesia, by enabling its clients to find out about their HIV status without having to reveal their identity. Through this system, the pre-test and post-test counseling which are part of the VCT (Voluntary Counseling and Testing) process are done online through private chatting with a Counselor who has obtained certification from the Ministry of Health.

As we know, the development of the epidemic over the years has shown us that no one is safe from HIV/AIDS – a disease for which no cure is yet available. Indeed, not only “most at risk population” groups but all of us are vulnerable to HIV infection, which is why it is important for each of us to be aware of our own HIV status as well as that of our sexual partners. This is a contribution that each of us should make in the fight against HIV/AIDS, in view to avert an “explosion” of the epidemic in the coming years.

How does the Online VCT Program at work? … Kindly click the link below if you would like to read the instructions relating to the 7-Step Procedures designed to help to stop the spread of HIV. If after reading the 7-Step Procedures you have any questions, please send us an e-mail or chat with a officer (click one of the YM indicators when “on”).

Should you wish to know more about Online VCT Program background, click the link ...

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