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Posted on 02 Agustus 2014 by Admin

City of Kediri PMI flooded with bags of blood berpenyakitan

Tens Unit Transfusion blood (UTD) Indonesian Red Cross (PMI) Kediri, many infectious diseases are infected. These bags blood was going to be destroyed to prevent transmission.

From data UTD PMI Kediri most participants infected with infectious diseases such as hepatitis B, C, sipilis and others are already infected with HIV/AIDS. for participants who have been infected with HIV/AIDS the PMI asked for a test voluntary Conseling and Testing (VCT) in the clinic, to prevent further

One of the benefits test VCT is counseling help people know about his status earlier, stressed to the changes in behavior, increase the capacity and capability against stress and skills to solve the problem. "To test VCT identity we are trying to avoid privacy policy," said the officer Suwarno PMI Kediri, Wednesday (04/06)

In four months PMI Kediri have found 75 bags of blood that are infected. Number of bags of blood infected by hepatitis B as much as 50 bags, hepatitis C, 9 bags, sipilis 10 sack, and HIV/AIDS as much as 6 bags.

"Special bags of blood infected with HIV/AIDS will be sent to PMI Center for testing more and at once we monitor," added Suwarno

many participants who is infected with infectious diseases, according to Suwarno because participants were drug addicts kinds of drugs, use needles and relations free sex without safeguards.

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